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Dude Lemon thrives in providing the best solutions at the best industry rates. We cater to all kinds of businesses, small to big. Our main language of work is JavaScript and we work hard to call ourselves Wix Corvid experts.

We provide custom coding solutions for businesses

Its quite often that people feel a certain platform does not have the solution they require built in. We at Dude Lemon train ourselves while challenging our technical skills to ensure that our solutions are some of the best you can find in the industry.


From multi currency wix stores to 3D secure payments on we offer solutions to medium and large businesses at reasonable development cost.


What we mean by 'solutions'

Website Development

We provide web development services which can enhance your online presence and platform.

Debugging your code

Trying to follow tutorials and code your site? You might end up running into code issues but fear not because we will debug your code at nominal rates.

API Integrations

Integration of all major 3rd Party APIs from payment gateways to text messages & whatsapp messages api integration

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How we connect users and business owners

const MessagingResponse =       

      require('twilio').twiml.MessagingResponse;'/sms', (reqres) => {

       const twiml = new MessagingResponse()      

       twiml.message('Thanks for signing up!');

       res.send(twiml.toString()) });

Programmable SMS & Voice Assistant

Send and receive text messages globally with the API that over a million developers depend on. Use this feature to set up 2FA for your member's area and send verification and notification sms. We aslo develop and integrate Phone Tree (IVR) systems for your websites and databases.

Custom Coded Job Boards

We develop a variety of job boards. From single recruiter job boards to multi-recruiters subscription based board, we do it all. Our members area is fully GDPR compliant and supports 2 Factor Login security. Job boards can accept applications which are stored in databases or redirect to an external site to complete the application process.

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO

We specialize in Email marketing, Social Media & Search Engine Marketing along Search Engine Optimization. We leverage modern technologies and creative marketing campaigns to maximize brand exposure and funnel leads down from visitors to Marketing Qualified Leads. We provide a 30 day money back guarantee if you do not see an increase in leads.

Google Platforms API Integration

We integrate most of the complex Google APIs. Some of the really popular integrations are related to the Google Maps API & Google Sheets API. Contact us with your project to get started.


We have expertise in connecting popular platforms to Wix websites, syncing datasets, allowing external platforms to consume your site's resources using HTTP functions

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